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What is Biometrics ?
  In terms of technological advancement, biometrics is one of the most creative technologies inspired by nature. Biometric identification eliminates the need for tokens such as keys, cards and passwords as well as the vulnerabilities that hinders them. ...more

What is Face Recognition ?
  Face recognition technology means to match the characteristics of a face to identify or verify an individual. Camera is used to capture an image of the face, which will be processed and analyzed to identify the biometric characteristics and then recorded as ...more

System Performance Index: FAR, FRR & ERR
  The accuracy of face recognition system is often defined in terms of two parameters, False Rejection Rate (FRR) and False Acceptance Rate (FAR). ...more

What is Live Detection ?
  Face-Tek Live Detection Technology detects and memorizes the background where the camera is facing as part of parameters for identification and verification process. It can effectively detect the difference between .......more

What is Moving Detection ?
  Face-Tek Face Recognition System is equipped with moving detection function that analyzes the captured image periodically to identify the presence of a moving object and its position. The face detection function then analyzes images to detect a human face and its position. ...more