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          Since its establishment in 1994, Face-Tek Technology Co., Ltd. has relentlessly pursued its goal to deliver reliable solutions that provide credible authorisation, increase security and reduce the possibility of breach, fraud and other crimes.

    Based on biometrics, our focus is to develop and integrate face recognition security monitoring products.
    In developing these products, we capitalize on the know-how gained from our other areas of business, including telecommunication, electric power, information technology, biology, medical, aerospace, optoelectronics and semiconductor related industries.

    Vast amount of investment has been made to develop Face-Tek face recognition core technology by integrating R&D from USA, Australia and Taiwan, resulting in products of high international standard. Face-Tek face recognition technology not only is a solid performer amongst top developers worldwide, it also has been designed and integrated into a wide range of solutions including access control system for entrances, equipments or database, and face searching system to enhance security surveillance.