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2008-05-27 Face-Tek at COMPUTEX 2008 Taipei


   3 - 7 June , 2008
Nangang Exhibition Hall
      Booth No. : L904,L906


With just a face,

you can access the world


Face-Tek Technology Co., Ltd. will showcase its new version of Face-Tek Identification and Verification Access Control System in Computex Taipei 27th, 2008, Nangang Exhibition Hall, Booth L904, L906. In this event, and Notiface II Face Recognition Surveillance system that identifies undesirables and VIPs will also be introduced.



Face-Tek identification system appeals to those who enjoy the convenience in gaining access to buildings. With the system in place, they only need to look briefly into the cameras of Face-Tek Reader, once authenticated, the door opens. Face-Tek verification system on the other hand, adds another layer of verification for those who already have a card or password system in place, thus upgrading the security.”

Notiface II Face Recognition Surveillance System not only assists to boost the level of security but also further enhances customer service quality.

As a surveillance system, Notiface II is suitable to screen for undesirables or blacklisted people in public areas such as airports, stadiums and casinos. “Face-recognition systems have helped casinos spot known card counters and other unwelcomed gamblers”, said Walter Hamilton, chairman of the International Biometric Industry Association.

In hospitality industry, Notiface II identifies VIPs that walk into the venue; displaying the matched face image, name and other important profile info to customer service staff, therefore they can instantly greet the VIPs by their names. This boosts the perception of good customer service.


About Face-Tek Technology
Face-Tek Technology is headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan with offices in Australia and China. It develops and markets its well-known face recognition solutions worldwide. Distributor list has been growing from year to year, ranging from South Africa, Middle East, UK, US, Australia, Thailand and Philippines. Since 1994, Face-Tek R&D center has continuously improved the face recognition core technology and developed further application software. Testing in various sites has proven the performance of Face-Tek systems as reliable biometrics systems.