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2009-05-19 Face-Tek at Computex 2009


   We could recognize your face in the dark

COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2009 New Product Launch Pad

Date & Time: at 13:30-15:00, 03 June, 2009

Place : New Product Launch Site, Area N, TWTC NANGANG Hall (Top Floor)

Face-Tek Technology will announce the Matrix Keeper Face Recognition access control system. The first facial recognition product could circumvent the environmental lighting effect. It is the successor of the Face-Tek Reader, a winner of Best Choice Award for Computex 2008 Security Products and its new version of Face-Tek Gate Keeper Access Control System. We will be in Computex Taipei 29th, 2009, Nangang Exhibition Hall, Booth L001, L002.

With its advanced face recognition technology, Face-Tek Technology is continuously developing cutting-edge Identification and Verification Systems. The Matrix keeper is the next generation of the facial recognition access control system with dual camera and patented matrixes infra-red illuminating system. That could let the matrix keeper could work in the day and night. This makes the matrix keeper the first product to achieve truly 24 hours operation. The matrix keeper use the DSP embedded platform to replace the IPC platform. It is greatly reduced the size, power and price. That is greatly increasing the competiveness of the FR access control system among other biometric technology.

The access identification system appeals to those who enjoy the convenience in gaining access to buildings. With the system in place, they only need to look briefly into the cameras of Face-Tek matrix keeper, once authenticated, the door opens. It is the most intuitive and friendly identification technology available now. According to our investigation, most people prefer to use the facial recognition system better than other biometric methods.