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2007-03-27 Face-Tek at 39th ISC EXPO West 2007


  39th ISC EXPO West 2007
   March 28 - 30, 2007
   Sands Expo and Convention Center
   Las Vegas, Nevada


        ISC West is where end-users of security, systems integrators, dealers, and installers cover all their security needs. Join us for all the right companies, all the right products, and all the right solutions. And it all happens at the right time of the buying cycle. Rated as the best industry event, it’s the largest and most comprehensive:






Dear DPD Surveillance Equipment,

        I am writing to invite you to view our product demo at ISC West Expo (International Security Conference and Exposition), in Sands Expo and Convention Center, Las Vegas from 28th – 30th March, 2006. Booth No. : 50064, with registered name: e-Star Technology Co., Ltd.

This is a brief introduction of our products that I believe are relevant to your business. I am sure there is a huge potential business opportunity that we can explore in the future. We are specialist in Face Recognition Security Systems that provide solutions for access control and auto screening of predetermined individuals in a crowd.

         Face-Tek Face Recognition system could be used for verification and identification purposes, suitable for residential and commercial building entrance controls. It can also be integrated as a login control for PC, laptops or other IT equipments.

         NotiFace II Intelligent Face Searching and Recognition system automatically search and capture face images via CCTV cameras. It then compares captured images with database records. When matches found, it sounds alarms to alert operators for immediate response. Applicable for governmental or military buildings, airports, laboratories、banks, commercial buildings, factories, schools, training centers, community buildings, border controls etc.

        If this sounds like an opportunity your company might be interested in, we will be attending the ISC West Expo this month and would appreciate an opportunity to meet with you. Please follow this link to register :

        We are looking forward to meeting you. Please email me if you have any inquiries.

  Yours Sincerely,
  Marco Chen
  International Marketing Department
  Assistant Manager
  e-Star Technology Co., Ltd.
  Tel : +886-2-8773-6162 Ext 212
  Fax : +886-2-2777-5604
  Email :