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FT-TEMP-8 -- AI Facial Recognition with Thermal Detection
The FT-TEMP-8 is an AI Facial Recognition device with inbuilt Thermal Detection module for infrared forehead temperature detection. It can recognize faces even when a mask is worn. Thermal detection and detection with masks on can be invaluable additions during the Pandemic.

Notification of recognition results can be received remotely, maintaining social distance during a security response. I.e staff do not require close contact with persons failing identification or thermal detection. Anti-counterfeiting of images also prevents fraudulent access using portrait photos.

Product Highlights

  • Fast recognition speed (< 1 second).
  • Seamless identification utilizing both facial recognition and temperature detection.
  • Completely solves deception with all kinds of images on various carriers by providing wide dynamic dual-camera live anti-counterfeiting.
  • In-built real-time body temperature monitoring with body temperature tolerance range accurate to +/- 0.3 ℃.
  • Body temperature detection distance can reach up to 2 meters (1.5 meters is recommended range).
  • Identification distance adjustable.
  • UI of display screen customisable.
  • Supports option to make wearing mask mandatory.
  • Supports stranger detection (non-enrolled persons).
  • Supports real-time photo saving during facial recognition or stranger detection.

Product Features

Local Offline Usage Local database of 20,000 faces
1:N Face Recognition Supports 1 in 10,000 false recognition rate with 99% pass rate
1:1 Face Recognition Supports optional card swipe module
Distance Recognition Up to 2 meters (competitors 1 meter)
Stranger Detection Supported
Access Permissions Supported
Time Attendance Supported
Remote Software Update Supported
Menu Interface System configuration, account management, enrolment management, record query etc.

Product Specifications

Type RGB + Infrared
Aperture / Focal Length 4.0 mm / 0-2 m
Dimensions 8 inch full-view IPS LCD screen
Resolution 1280 x 800
Computer Hardware
CPU / DDR3 Quad-core RK3288 / 4 GB
Audio Line out
USB Port Micro USB 2.0 X 2
Serial 2 X RS232; 1 X RS-485
Wiegand 2.5 mm X 2 pin
Power DC 12 V / 5 W Max
Temperature / Humidity -10 °C ~ +60 °C / 10% ~ 90%
Weight / Dimensions 1.5 kg / 234*125*24.5 mm
IP Rating IP64